Saturday, July 14, 2007

Making Paper in the Small Space

My Cherub is with me again! All priases for goood Friends who worked on the lock to open the door to get to the pantry
to get the Cherub which happily chewed the purple linen gifted to me over a year ago.

I wasn't able to make the puprple linen pulp into paper-- it needs formation aid. But there is such joy in seeing this incredible tool, invented and manufactured by the brillian Mark Lander of New Zealand, at work!

and there's my patient, loving pointy cat, Obi, with this ears transmitting light.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Charm Making

Inspired by the Game Piece Necklace.

Too bad I only had one of these blue chips, just two red blocks and no
more bright yellow daisy buttons. Yet that's what makes this assemblage
and artmaking so special--- it's nothing that I could have foreseen and purchased.... thanks to and Pequad
for providing the occasion! What's most amazing is that my stash is far away and these are just from a couple of jars and containers
gifted by new acquaitances made this spring in this apartment building for the
elderly and disabled. I miss my many tools and materials yet I am so affirmed to be able to discover and make relationships with the comparatively little that is on hand.