Thursday, February 22, 2007

V Day at Midtown Manor

our V Day party. Very sweet with door prizes, cake, cookies and potatoe chips, dip, drinks .....yeah, fun. The crochet group was the talk of the room and I tried to get other people to say they would come and hang out with us--- even to do other needle/fiber work.

I'm going to try to do a play about this place... it is so alien to me... i know i am here, but feeel so disconnected and wierd
with listening to the radio and how peopl in Rochester talk about Midtown like it's on the moon

the lead paint ordinance
trying to get an italian village as a attractor to get people to visit midtown
this alien NET neighborhood empowerment teams
connect the Amtrak and the bus station
Rennaissance Square

Friday, February 16, 2007

my house is hurt

Last saturday my wonderful neighborfriend saw an alien ice formation on the side of my house while she walked the dog.
Soon she called Karen and Jinm, they had the fire department pump 2 inches of water out of my basement. A pipe burst....
and this despite paying $100s on gas heat each month..... WAHHHHHHH! okay so i called insurance who said call Service Master and the plumber..... the plumber said ahhh the furnace was damaged in the flood and needs fixing....

Wonderful Connie told me:

The CAC guy was no where near as resourceful and knowledgeable and just
plain willing as Jesse. Jesse not only came back, but got the CAC guy to
come back and together they fixed the furnace. (I stood there watching,
feeling like a girl. Sometimes I think I'd like to go on the job with Jesse
for like a month and learn everything I can.) They told me to leave the
heat up very high (around 80 degrees) until Tuesday morning when I will
bring it back to 65 degrees. That's what you had it on, right? This is to
make sure all of the pipes are thawed.

I know that Jesse has two suggestions for your pipes: 1) until you return he
suggests "winterizing" the pipes by putting anti-freeze in them. It may be
a cheap and easy solution for the meantime.
2) He expressed concern over some old cast iron pipes and suggested that now
might be the time to replace them since other repairs will be needed as

As for the rest of the house - Service master gutted the kitchen and pulled
out the wall behind the sink, the sink itself, the cabinets, the ceiling and
the floor. They've also pulled out the ceiling in the dining room and the
living room. I have to double check about the room all the way in the front
of the house. They pulled up the carpet in the dining room but not the rest
of the downstairs.

They have not touched anything on your walls - no photos, no artwork.

The downstairs is very messy. There is plaster dust and some broken glass
on the floor. I will ask them to clean that up.

They did not put equipment up last evening to begin the drying process
because the heat was not on yet. (They left about 3 or 3:30 PM). But, they
said they'd be back this morning to set that up if the heat was on. I
called at 8 AM to inform them, but they haven't called back yet. I've got
to go in a minute but I'll be back in the late morning and will contact them

Well, that's the whole picture. I don't think they've done anything
upstairs which did not get wet. I will double check later this morning.

My heart is with you and your precious and vulnerable house. I am aware of
all the artwork in progress in practically every space I've seen - the
basement, the dining room, the front room, all of it. I'll do my best to
preserve it.

Prayers are welcome.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another Loss, Another Tragedy For Me

a pipe burst in the wall
my kitchen cieling is on the floor
the fire dept pumped out 2 inches of water from the basement

i am blessed to have wonderful neighbors and friends
maybe this is a blessing in dissguise
i contacted homeowners insurance who said they may have an adjuster out tonight even -- Saturday 2/10

my plumber said he knows what to do and will come out tomorrow to make
sure there is water for heat as i have steam heating

sigh.... i was just chilling out and feeling calm after a day of work....


O! I owe my frends so much--- Connie and Louise and Karen and Jim---- called the fire department who pumped water out of my basement. Connie has been a marvel of calm facilitation as I've been in touch with Service Master, to clean up and dry out, the plumber who has restored heat, Corning Applicance to replace a broken something on the furnace, and the insurance.

Jesse though i was being metaphoric when i told him I couldn't be there , that I was [aralyzed... i could tell so I explained how i cannot walk, cannot stand, and so cannot drive home or even, be driven home to oversee....

and this just as the possibility of assistance in rehab, making accessible has been found and this just as i felt a sense of hope and possibilitymy home my sweet home!!! i miss it so, my tools, my yard, my treees and bushes that i planted....
why am i ever exiled, made bereft?