Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another Loss, Another Tragedy For Me

a pipe burst in the wall
my kitchen cieling is on the floor
the fire dept pumped out 2 inches of water from the basement

i am blessed to have wonderful neighbors and friends
maybe this is a blessing in dissguise
i contacted homeowners insurance who said they may have an adjuster out tonight even -- Saturday 2/10

my plumber said he knows what to do and will come out tomorrow to make
sure there is water for heat as i have steam heating

sigh.... i was just chilling out and feeling calm after a day of work....


O! I owe my frends so much--- Connie and Louise and Karen and Jim---- called the fire department who pumped water out of my basement. Connie has been a marvel of calm facilitation as I've been in touch with Service Master, to clean up and dry out, the plumber who has restored heat, Corning Applicance to replace a broken something on the furnace, and the insurance.

Jesse though i was being metaphoric when i told him I couldn't be there , that I was [aralyzed... i could tell so I explained how i cannot walk, cannot stand, and so cannot drive home or even, be driven home to oversee....

and this just as the possibility of assistance in rehab, making accessible has been found and this just as i felt a sense of hope and possibilitymy home my sweet home!!! i miss it so, my tools, my yard, my treees and bushes that i planted....
why am i ever exiled, made bereft?

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