Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Honeyfood, Candy, Tea

i dont eat candy i dont eat candy i dont eat candy i don't like candy
i ate the candy i ate the candy i ate the candy and i love it! the
coffee candy yum that my friend sent me....

to be reduced to this, to be raised to this coffee on the tongue
with cream and butter, stuff i can't eat but might entertain
melting slowly on my tongue

i needed honey i wanted honey i asked for honey from the store lady for WEEKS.
the store that comes to this apartment building where the woman charges $1 for 3 bananas where she yes, does help the elderly disabled like me and rips us off with rapacious prices,
when, the last time i could walk, "I bought banana's for 25 cents a pound.... argHHH

Went online to my favorite place in Millerton, PA in a magic glen of a honey place and a wonderful entrepreneur made good story.... and it would cost $5 per pound with
shipping so bought instead honey from this place in Dakota--- that
was $4 per pound including shipping.... they sent it priority so it
was here the next day to have with Earl Grey tea i got on ebay that took
ONE day to get here and YUM YUM this honey is exquisite from North
dakota--- wish i could give them a super rating.
i fell less cold with honey and tea again at last--- after weeks without it...
luscious honey love for my tongue, for my tea

sometimes there can be a sweet moment.

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