Sunday, April 29, 2007

Making Money

I need....
to walk again
always be clear , I need help to walk again and then help to make money so I can buy my healing....
there's ways to help me walk again and if I had money, perhaps I could buy the means

Soo what I am doing now?
Just finished taching a workshop at the very institution from which I was fired. See, Universe, I'm grown up, I did not let my piqque or pride stannd in the way of earning a few more sheckles, thought th e effort was frought with--- argh!

I was stuck on the #%$%#$ lift!!!! And then found out my workshop was underpriced and then this week.... thee lift went up and down twice before allowing me to exit! ARGH!!!!!!!

Okay so offering workshops--- like gambling to then do a TON of work..... I wasn't told the workshop would open until
days before, fortunately I have thought long and deeply about the topic and taught it before.
What elsr to do? Make things. But the one place that bought the things I made... has taken oh.... six weeks to pay me the mere $90 worht of good theey purchased!

What else to do? Send work out. Sorry to note that nothing has beeen accepted of late.. o-- yes a pone,but no pay for that
and not in a sufficiently auspicious venue. Why do all these palcees now reqquire you pay to be rejected? Becuase peolpe will pay to be rejected and the venues pocket the cash.

What else to do: enter contests. Here's my latest contest entry:

Delicious dishes make the most messes. The red splatter of tomato sauce, leaping out the pan, the hard fried bits of onion, the scummy slick of olive oil hardened by heat, and the crusty bits of green pepper,left a multicolor mess around the made- from-scratch spaghetti sauce. Bounty was used to gather the bits and rub the first layer off. Then dampened, Bounty was used to scrub the spills all away with scouring powder. Rinsed and wrung out, Bounty finished the job, wiping the white stove top clean again and leaving it pristine.

What else to do:
Cry and pray.

Monday, April 16, 2007

More Trials and Tribulations

the city - Corning-- will impound my car by wednesday
it has a new reg about cars without license plates.
i *just* turned in my license plates so i wouldn't be wasting money paying for a car I can't drive
so just as i recover from one mess here's another
even though my car is in my own my driveway in my yard


my friends rapped to the police to get a stay of execution--- they were going to impound my car today!
i called the police and they said that they would give me some time but not months
and that staying under a tarp wasn't good enough
and that staying under a tarp in the carport wasn't goood enough either
that it has to bee in a garage

so it seems that i may have to reregister the car--- that is pay again for insurance
or pay for it to be housed in a garage....
i've got to figure out which is cheaper.....


i've written the city manager:

Dear City Manager,

I was stricken with idiopathic transverse myeltis and spent 2005/2006 in a hospital, a nursing home, rehab, and now in an apartment in Rochester, while I try to get my home rehabbed for wheelchair accessibility.

Just last month I turned in my plates, as I was paying for insurance and not driving my car.
My car is in my driveway at 343 East third Street in Corning. It is a Honda Civic EX 4 door sedan, in great shape--- a 1995 with a mere 51,000 miles on it.

Yesterday my friends who assist me with my home told me that the City had tagged my car and that
I had to either get plates, remove it or suffer a fine and have the car impounded.

This is a difficult time for me. I lost my job because of my paralysis, I'm scraping by on social security disability and making ends meet is more challenging than it has ever been before.

I quite frankly, don't understand this law.
I own a home it has a driveway and a carport but i was told it was
not sufficient to have my car in my driveway
not sufficient to have it in the carport
not sufficient to have it under a tarp either......

The the only solution was to have it in a garage, or with plates..

I am asking for time to try to find a solution.

I spoke to the police and they told me I could have some time, but they couldn't say how long.
Since I am making arrangements and inquiries, this will take me some time.

Could I have until mid May ?

Thanks for attention to this matter.


My alderman said he will check into this.

Another Grey Hair Day

My first workshop-- Myth and Transcendence in your life story--- went well. 7 people signed up 5 people were there and the time flew. I arrived at 9:45 and so had time to make the many copies of the 8 or so handouts that I had.

I chatted with Robbi who had brought her adorable 7 month 7 pound poodle, Henrietta. And when the LiftLine bus came, she held the door as I entered the lift.

Where I was stuck. It started and stopped. And the door was unopenable and we both turned things on and off, pushed buttons and levers.

I was afraid I wouldn't get home--- more than the fear of stuck on the lift in the airless shaft, I didn't want LiftLine to leave without me and have me be without a way home.

I asked her to call 911 and within 2 minutes the handsome men of the fire department were there.
Many--- like about 5 guys, LOL!

They finally listened to me (vs. calming me down) and slid a metal thing to open/unlatch the door. then they carried me down the stairs and I got on the bus home.

So now I faced yet another fear--- being stuck on the lift..... the the bad part was I forgot my cell phone today, so if it had to happen ( vs any of the many times I was left alone or arrived alone at W&B) it was good it happened this way.