Monday, April 16, 2007

More Trials and Tribulations

the city - Corning-- will impound my car by wednesday
it has a new reg about cars without license plates.
i *just* turned in my license plates so i wouldn't be wasting money paying for a car I can't drive
so just as i recover from one mess here's another
even though my car is in my own my driveway in my yard


my friends rapped to the police to get a stay of execution--- they were going to impound my car today!
i called the police and they said that they would give me some time but not months
and that staying under a tarp wasn't good enough
and that staying under a tarp in the carport wasn't goood enough either
that it has to bee in a garage

so it seems that i may have to reregister the car--- that is pay again for insurance
or pay for it to be housed in a garage....
i've got to figure out which is cheaper.....


i've written the city manager:

Dear City Manager,

I was stricken with idiopathic transverse myeltis and spent 2005/2006 in a hospital, a nursing home, rehab, and now in an apartment in Rochester, while I try to get my home rehabbed for wheelchair accessibility.

Just last month I turned in my plates, as I was paying for insurance and not driving my car.
My car is in my driveway at 343 East third Street in Corning. It is a Honda Civic EX 4 door sedan, in great shape--- a 1995 with a mere 51,000 miles on it.

Yesterday my friends who assist me with my home told me that the City had tagged my car and that
I had to either get plates, remove it or suffer a fine and have the car impounded.

This is a difficult time for me. I lost my job because of my paralysis, I'm scraping by on social security disability and making ends meet is more challenging than it has ever been before.

I quite frankly, don't understand this law.
I own a home it has a driveway and a carport but i was told it was
not sufficient to have my car in my driveway
not sufficient to have it in the carport
not sufficient to have it under a tarp either......

The the only solution was to have it in a garage, or with plates..

I am asking for time to try to find a solution.

I spoke to the police and they told me I could have some time, but they couldn't say how long.
Since I am making arrangements and inquiries, this will take me some time.

Could I have until mid May ?

Thanks for attention to this matter.


My alderman said he will check into this.

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