Sunday, April 29, 2007

Making Money

I need....
to walk again
always be clear , I need help to walk again and then help to make money so I can buy my healing....
there's ways to help me walk again and if I had money, perhaps I could buy the means

Soo what I am doing now?
Just finished taching a workshop at the very institution from which I was fired. See, Universe, I'm grown up, I did not let my piqque or pride stannd in the way of earning a few more sheckles, thought th e effort was frought with--- argh!

I was stuck on the #%$%#$ lift!!!! And then found out my workshop was underpriced and then this week.... thee lift went up and down twice before allowing me to exit! ARGH!!!!!!!

Okay so offering workshops--- like gambling to then do a TON of work..... I wasn't told the workshop would open until
days before, fortunately I have thought long and deeply about the topic and taught it before.
What elsr to do? Make things. But the one place that bought the things I made... has taken oh.... six weeks to pay me the mere $90 worht of good theey purchased!

What else to do? Send work out. Sorry to note that nothing has beeen accepted of late.. o-- yes a pone,but no pay for that
and not in a sufficiently auspicious venue. Why do all these palcees now reqquire you pay to be rejected? Becuase peolpe will pay to be rejected and the venues pocket the cash.

What else to do: enter contests. Here's my latest contest entry:

Delicious dishes make the most messes. The red splatter of tomato sauce, leaping out the pan, the hard fried bits of onion, the scummy slick of olive oil hardened by heat, and the crusty bits of green pepper,left a multicolor mess around the made- from-scratch spaghetti sauce. Bounty was used to gather the bits and rub the first layer off. Then dampened, Bounty was used to scrub the spills all away with scouring powder. Rinsed and wrung out, Bounty finished the job, wiping the white stove top clean again and leaving it pristine.

What else to do:
Cry and pray.

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