Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Grey Hair Day

My first workshop-- Myth and Transcendence in your life story--- went well. 7 people signed up 5 people were there and the time flew. I arrived at 9:45 and so had time to make the many copies of the 8 or so handouts that I had.

I chatted with Robbi who had brought her adorable 7 month 7 pound poodle, Henrietta. And when the LiftLine bus came, she held the door as I entered the lift.

Where I was stuck. It started and stopped. And the door was unopenable and we both turned things on and off, pushed buttons and levers.

I was afraid I wouldn't get home--- more than the fear of stuck on the lift in the airless shaft, I didn't want LiftLine to leave without me and have me be without a way home.

I asked her to call 911 and within 2 minutes the handsome men of the fire department were there.
Many--- like about 5 guys, LOL!

They finally listened to me (vs. calming me down) and slid a metal thing to open/unlatch the door. then they carried me down the stairs and I got on the bus home.

So now I faced yet another fear--- being stuck on the lift..... the the bad part was I forgot my cell phone today, so if it had to happen ( vs any of the many times I was left alone or arrived alone at W&B) it was good it happened this way.

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