Sunday, March 25, 2007

Health Care Costs

why does the same level/designation of visit to the doctor's office cost $85 in February when it cost $70 in July?!!!
I asked the billing department this. I was afforded a discount of $22--- because I told them I had no insurance and then was
salpped with a $10 fee for not paying on the spot.

I was not told/ or asked to pay on the psot, I was not informed that by not paying on the spot, I would be slapped with a $10 fee.....

but this is just another of the how the #@$$# could I have known, and yet I SUFFER suffer suffer for not knowing.... I am now
heading toward a month of being unable to go anywhere because unbeknownst to me my LiftLine access expired...There is nothing I can do to hurry the process of certification.

Now what the heck might that entail, having obtained certification from my doctor that indeed I am paralyzed?!!! this just breaks my heart again and again this incredibly casual cruelty--- ah yes, they shoudl have notfied me, but their lack of notification does not thing to aid remediation. I can only think that there is some reason for this. I've not been out in the path of something
and so i keep myself contained, quiet.


I am irked by the "why can't you's" ( why can't you use thee electric wheelchair? Because I can't get in it!)
but i was so affirmed when my friend in the nursing home asked about my aide. What aide? I haven't had an aide since July!!!!

I would so like to have had help, but i couldn't afford to pay $20 an hour with a two hour minumum for the last chore
I could not do--- laundry and to pay $0 and still not have clothes dry....

So i ride my garbage downstairs in my lap Mon to Saturday to toss out in the garbage room that has now become hazardous
with refrigerators on dollies. Sunday the room is closed and so it is my day of rest.... ahhh the cat sleeps as near the wheelchair as he dare, his tail tucked in but comapanionabley close...

I am not alone in this suffering and I cry for them, this is not the life they signed on for, no yard, no stairs and levels to race,
but they forgive me again and again, but it's spring, they look at me likke cam they look outside.... we would have sniffed the snow melt, we would have ventured out...

i dreamt of being instructed on how to move from one palce to another by an alien. I hope this comes true.

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