Monday, March 05, 2007

Smacked AGain! LiftLine Denies me a Ride!

so i call to book a ride to see the social worker on monday
and they tell me i cant book a ride because ive expired
i expired on feb 28
and i need to be recertified as in reapply and it will take 3 weeks and i need to
submit another picture
and no they can't extend a TEMPORArY permit not even to allow me to take one trip on monday and don't i know that the regular bus has a lift just like liftline though they don't know if it stops anywhere near where i am going.....
and i should have known this because it says temporary on my pass....
my pass?
yes the pass you are supposed to present to the driver...
i haven't looked at that pass for a year, because the driver already arrives
with my name and information...

why wouldn't you notify me that my time was up?
to which there was no answer--- i should have known what i could not have known

so once again, i'm up shit's creek without a paddle...

there is the medical motor service which put me on hold and hung up on me, but i think they are
$25 each way... the other service is $65... they rely on medicaid to pay, but sine i don't have medicaid , it would pay twice thee cost of a doctor''s visit to see the doctor!

Lord, give me strength!

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