Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Poetry Reading

The REading

Genesee Poetry Reading Series 9/11/07
1. Seneca
2. After 9/11 in the Small Town
3. Above
4. Aint gonna Study War No More
5. Worship
6. Family
7. Daddying
8. Dementia
9. She knits Acrylic hosannas
10. Vegetarian Reflects
11. Bad Movie
12. Health Care
13. No Young People Here
14. Mouse Song
15. For the Tree
16. Continuum

It’s so curious to me --- that, as when I send poems out for anthologies or magazines and they chose my least loved poems, what people chose to mention.

I loved the story the man shared with me about visiting a home he had lived in for 8 or 9 years at which he had planted pine/fir trees . #0 years after there was a forest. So he felt my Tree poem.

I hope my catalpa is still there, still growing.

I squeezed out several poems in getting ready for this reading: Two new daddy poems, Above, a new 9/11 poem, For the tree and I finished Continuum. So 25% of what I read was fresh off the press.

I read with Patricia Roth Schwartz and the work was complimentary-- a delight. I was glad to be able to enjoy the reading... I like going first so I can relax and listen to other poet.

The space was a small lecture room, the new performance space.... the fireplace still there, but half the large room filled with risers and there were lights, so it was reall theatrical....

I bought a yellow, three-hole binder to match my blaring taxicab yelllow crocs. This was a good move.

Marlene remembered and brought a very handsome music stand..... hmmm i have a gorgeous brass stand that Genny, my departed Aunt, gave me, that i have used for readings through the years... I see it in my car trunk, but I'm not sure where it is.....

Thanks to all who have supported my continuance. It was so wonderful to feel good, to be so immersed in the moment that had nothing to do what what I couldn't do, but everything to do with all
I be and am and aspire to be.

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