Friday, September 11, 2009

Letter to Philips Lifeline

After spending 3.5 years and thousands of dollars with you, you lost me as a customer for $5.

I found a local service in my area for $20. I was paying Lifeline $35 and asked for a reduction and was persuaded to remain with Lifeline for the comparatively high $30.
I was told that my billing would be reduced $5
It wasn’t.
I called on July 17.

My recent Amex statement that showed me being billed on July 20 with a date of July 17 for $35.

I spoke to Wade on July 17
On August 17 I called and was told that my billing date was the 16th--- though my Amex bills have shown the 17---
No apology was offered, nor was a reimbursement offered. I spoke with two areas—billing and customer service.

I think your behavior is unconscionably wrong and rude.
I am therefore discontinuing my relationship with Lifeline
I don’t understand why my years of regular,automatic payment counted for NOTHING. I will be sure to tell others who are disabled to go elsewhere for service.

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