Wednesday, December 02, 2009

No Help from the Helpers

I don't know why those designated to help are often the worst humans. It has been so for me. Today I spoke to the owner of the medical supply place, telling her how I had put in an order
two months ago for wheelchair wheels.

She began the twenty questions, so in disbelief she was that
her employees in this city had neglected me.

When I began to remember names and even described
how one employee browbeat me about my equipment-- there's no such thing as solid tires-- well I'm sitting with a wheelchair with solid tires, I had said
and how yes, someone had come to my house to measure and CONFIRM what i had
named and described--- then the owner said 'o so and so is very outspoken'
at which another me would have sucked her teeth. If you KNOW THE WITCH CAN'T COMPORT BUSINESS WITH CIVILITY WHY LET ANSWER THE PHONES?!!!

and there's no record of your
order in our computer system she said and i told her how sadly I was used to impolite behavior, but I found it unfathomable that it was two months later and my new tires and new armrest were not yet here and installed.

Fortunately Everything Medical has a website, which is how I got the message through. That's just today's story of abuse and denial solely because I can't walk.

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