Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Help Update

So a week and three snowfalls later, I've yet to get the list of possible providers.
I've made a dozen phone calls based on phone book listings. As I've said before, everybody here must be fully employed, because i can never find any help to hire. No returned phone calls from people who list themselves as snow removal. I would be more surprised, but this is the same agita I went through to find yard help (only to have an able bodied neighbor ask me who I used/ found (!!!)

Today I get an email saying that delivery retries had failed. Though i hit reply in sending the signed form, the agency idiot used an address that won't accept mail, unless I am added to a list. Somehow she sees the second failed message and sends me a message telling me to I need to "simply" reply to be added. This is the same address to which I had sent the signed form. (stupidity, cruel gamesmanship bureaucratic incompetence). More snow is on the way.

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