Monday, February 27, 2012

Pas a pas the Cameroonian guy told me in Paris in 1983. Pole pole -- not sure what language that is , to mean slowly slowly, more pat as i can no longer take step by step. Hearing L.A.'s deeper, aging FRench accented voice calling me from France on the answering machine, I ache with longing for my old globe trotting self. I so wanted to start that project in Tanzania teaching papermaking, starting a microbusiness, helping. And i sent  crochet hooks to Famn pou Famn a Haitian microenterprise that will teach women to crochet.

While I live in a despair less abject, but profound. y peace is so fragile.

Last night for some reason i looked at my thermostat and it was blnk. i frnatically and foolishly began flicking lights off and on.  I still had electricity. How long would i remain warm without heat?

I pushed buttons and then it came on but something was flashing. I couldn't read it and thought of the sheet magnifier that i had in an Atlas but where was the atlas? And hen i looked in my file of all instructions and warranties and there was no info and then i remembered that in a kitchen drawer was another such file for appliance, so i found the  book, but that didn't tell me what the microprint flashing light said and i calmed myself saying at least this is happening on Sunday and your aide will be here tomorrow and push come to shove, you won't sleep, you will dress and
wait up and be warm.

But watching the flashing i finally figured out that is said replace batteries. ARGH! too high on the wall to be in my face and micro type ? Anyway, i had no batteries, but, good steward of
self that a past me was, i had one spare set of rechargeables (note to self, buy more) eneloops
and i set about charging them and told myself to calm down.

And i had promised myself to be in bed by 3, but didn't make it until 6 a.m.  but so it goes.

I was overjoyed to share info for one of my aide's other clients, an old guy looking for a garbage place...becausee my new garbage guy is less than one half the price of the old nasty place, which only took recycling once monthly and cost me $25/a month. Now i have
a friendly weekly recycling pick up.

And in other meek-inheriting-the-earth/i'm-mad-as-hell-and-not-going-to-take-it-anymore  updates,  I am free of the nasty nurse and the firm recategorized me which has me paying less than half the price for my service.

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