Saturday, May 20, 2006

Curtain Falls

My bathroom curtain fell down... blew off
it is merely a stamped heavy!!! sheet that i used for table covering
when selling my art at fairs

Jean had slung it over the bathroom curtain rod for me
It had started to move earlier during the stormy windy day and I used my reach to pull it1 /3 over the the curtain rod to the back...
Well at 2 :55 am i heard thunk as it slid to the ground
at an angle i can see two windows above me

So i shoo the cats, cover the chair with pad so my naked
legs and butt are not touching on the same surface that my dressed
butt is, powder the sliding board and slide in the TV -it dark on to the wheel chair

This is a small advance as i have never done transferring in dimness
though it is occasioned by not wanting to turn on the light

I grab the reacher i keep in bed with me.
It's about three feet long and sturdy
i pick the curtain sheet up off the floor

it is big and voluminous

and try to lift it up and over the curtain rod......
I can just reach the curtain rod with the reacher but there is no way to slide it over

Think think

ah the ball of string and envelope glue bottle from my friend

i pleat an end of the curtain with string and tie a double bow around it at the other end of the string i tie the envelope glue bottle.

I roll back into the bathroom whose doorway is in the bedroom hence the need for this effort.

With the reacher i lift the envelope glue bottle up and over the curtain rod.
Yay!!! i have something to pull on to pull the curtain over.

I heft the curtain into the window frame-- about 3 feet higher than my lap, to change its weight and lessen the drag

BUT it's stuck

The pleats too stiff bulky to turn over the rod.....
DRat and i had thought to not just bunch and wrap it up
to lessen having a thick wad to go over the curtain rod

Anyway as i then try to use the grabber to give the curtain a tug up or over
i dislodge one side of the rod--- it's the kind that sits on a toothed mount
one side is still in, perhaps i can reposition it

Nope, the end of my grabber is magnetized and so the relift way up in the air
to slide it into place is not quite achievable....
off to fetch my other grabber.....
I'll try but feel it's now daunting and unachievable

It's sadly not so much that i can be seen from the bathroom-- nah the bathroom window faces no one

it's that i fear being seen in bed as the windows i see are above and at an angle
where i can just see them from my bed--- as my bed is at a diagonal across the room in the corner
okay they're darkened and dark

So who can i get to help me?

My bible thumping neighbor from NYC, from Jamaica Queens no less, sweetly sweetly offered to help me anytime but i fear the consequences of having her so intimately involved and i'm not sure she could reach to reinstall the curtain rod and she looks too big to get in the bathroom and stand on the toilet seat or my stepladder

There is a woman -- We had spoken on the phone... and she's left me a couple of notes and her phone #.... she was going to come hear me read last spring and saw me in the lobby and learned i was the same person.. wild eh? anyway her notes were about playing bridge with her mother and her ....

i think i will call her but DRAT! i wanted to shower
and DRAT! i'll have to wait til the light is at a certain angle or something before i catheter myself.

ARGH! reminded of the inconvenience of this all. If my wheelchair fit in the doorway, I could still have a door between the bathroom and the bedroom and not be seen. But I must not wish for the wrong things. If I could walk, this would be nothing, the curtain could fall I would replace it, If I could walk, I would not be in any of this situation. Walk, Walk Heal , Heal. I would not need to beg strangers for assistance. I could be quiet shy and self sufficient me, again. I must walk again,
I must have verticality again.

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