Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Today was lovely!

Warm, low pain,
and ran into a neighbor who said he had hoped to meet "that girl who complained", who says that the front door not being automatic is a disgrace.

He has fought and complained before and will fight and complain some more before he moves out next month when his lease is up. He's lived here on and off for 7 years.

His home home is elsewhere and he has a power wheelchair though he can walk--- he has an artificial leg, he told me and has had several glaucoma-fixing surgeries as well as having battled cancer-- hence the lost leg.

He was adorned with gold but told me he had as many silver bracelets as me. silver was what he wore in summer and gold in the winter when no one could see it to snatch it off his body.

He too has called and written HUD and Told me he would share who else he has spoken to and written to so I could do more of the same,

So i am GREATly comforted and comfortable for the moment-- a rarity.
Especially as I was told that is is more or less my fault, for not being strong enough to open the door and roll myself through.
Or that id I had an electric wheelchiar it would be easy. EVeryone else has an electric wheelchair they opined.

Yet my new comrade in arms affirmed that even with the electrc it was hard, hard. Watch as the guy in the motorized chair
paused at the door... but he had a friend with him.

God told my neighbor who has the name carried by two nephews, brother and father, to circle back around. I was reading the Sunday paper that an old woman said was Monday's.
I had come downstairs to see if the garbage room was open.
It was!

Delighted that no one was at work to let me in or out, so I have a defacto holiday.....

I came back to my apartment to work and saw the time fly past 4, so I repacaked garbage to fit in my lap and rolled
back down to the lobby.

I sped to the garbage room and as I approached the door a guy stepped through it and pulled the door shut behind him
Closed for the day he chortled.

I was stunned.

Behind me, my elevator mate stood with newspapers in his hand. He was coming to use the recycling too.
Why would he do that, I asked?

Well he's a Vietnam Vet, maybe he's got a few screws loose.

I shook the agitation off, it is too precious to have the body feel neutral to waste the moment.

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