Thursday, October 18, 2007

Learning to Drive Again

Medicab... o... what money will do...imagine a service where someone holds the door open for you and you are assisted on and off the vehicle.... you are assited into the building....

o god! this brings tears to my eyes! I realize that i didn't imagine that it was hard.... that it is hard... and i was not able to afford these samll but energy saving and fear mitigating niceties. I get to use Medicab for my VESID appointments whic I had forgotten and only remembered in time for these visits..... what a difference it made to not worry about being late.... not that i've ever been, but not to worry to not worry!!!! and thento be able to call the cab because i finished early!!! vs sitting around for the hour... o mi gosh....

but i still ache, quake with fear . it was hard hard hard and i was nevous and firghtened and i feel awful about not being able to drive with my hands and i wrenched myself getting in and out of the chair.... though i see it is possible it is possible... i just don't want to have ot keep going through this hard scary stuff it took me so long tolearn the little i know i dont want to lose it i dont want it lost to me i want to be able to drive my car and this says i wont

i ache


Russell Bradford said...

Hello from a longlonglonglong time ago. The last century - the last millenium. You wrote a poem for me entitled "Write me a poem"...because I asked you to write me a poem. About an hour ago, I googled the name Akua Hope (fairly sure that I should have also Googled Lezli White, just in case). A whole lot of stuff came up. Back then, you used to run with a young redbone girl with very short hair. She was a piano player trying to get a deal with Streetwise Record (RIP) who bedazzled the hell out of my then best friend, Apache Ramos (A and R man for Streetwise). You found my irritation with her amusing. We had photography in common back then, and extolled the virtues of b/w over color prints.

It was good to see your work and read your words.

Your name came into my mind because...

Hoping things go well for you.

Russell Bradford (an "acquaintance" from two or three lifetimes ago)

Akua said...

Delighted to hear from unforgettable, indelible, you. Did you ever finish the series on Gleason's
Gym? Is your daughter all grown up and are you a grandfather now?I remember meeting your beautiful mother that day you rescued me, LOL!
I wish you the best in all things and allways.