Friday, October 12, 2007

Fish Synchronicity

There is a special shopping bus on Wednesdays and
my neighbor shared with me the two new fish he purchased
at the pet store next to the supermarket, on our ride home.
I knew it
was synchronicity! Sadly, he didn't know the name of
the fish, and i was newly acquainted with an array of
fish tank fish as I had read about them to carve some
for a rubberstamped fish swap.

Wow. we usuallally don't talk and the beautiful
Brian, the only driver to ever ever assist me
and assist me he does, was not there..

And still there was this twinkle of magic... I could chat about tank conditions and ask about
plants and walter and popualtion and size and just from the reading i did to make
some art.

If i can remain motivated and in the glow I will make him a couple of images
from the stamps..... I've carved a broadbill swordfish, an oscar, silver dollar fish
and angel fish. This carving has connected for me , for this moment and so I've started
a carving blog: Image, Carve, STamp

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