Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lack of Transportation

As Rochester discusses REDUCING the fares for the disabled, I, in this small city, have no transportation UNLESS
I am going to the the doctor.

How can this be, as busses with lifts rumble past my house nearly daily?

Hopefully where there is a will, there is a way.

Somehow, the local center for the disabled has not seen fit to make this happen. School buses could help in the off hours, the Founders Pavilion buses could help, the Pathways buses could help and the CEATS--- Corning Erwin Area Transportation, could help. But thus far they don't. Why in a place with few sidewalks, they won't help you over the rough terrain, beats me.

In the city of Rochester, where the sidewalks were comparatively smooth, they would help you over the rough patches. Here where such help is needed, that help is not available.

In the city of Rochester where the distances were multiples of the distances here, I could go for a pittance.
Here the "real cost" to go for my 2 mile trips is $27.50!!!! In Rochester this cost $1.75.

I am tired of being BLAMED for what SHOULD exist, what should be available. When the rest of the civilized world
offer some options.

Help me, Lord, Help me.

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Politically Considerably Pissed said...

I have never held very high regard for what passes as "public transportation" in Steuben County.

My heart and hopes go out to you for the best solution to this problem.