Friday, August 08, 2008

Small Triumph, Recoup

Today for the first time since February, I took a shower on my own.

Shame on the idiots that limited my independence with theit incompetence and penny pinching.

The shower cost me more than pride on indepedence, it cost and will continure to cost time.
I've spent about $1,000 on health aide time and $600 on a shower wheelchair.
They spent abou t $600 having the lip on the shower, eradicated,

It took me about 2 hours to do it.... the shower itself was 20 minutes, but the transfer from one wheelchair
to another and back again, plus the cleanup of water.... sigh, argh!!!!

My shower wheelchair barely fits in the shower and so the water pours out the bathroom, down the hall and into the kitchen. This is a good half hour cleanup, though i strategically placed towels in the hall.

While maneuvering wheelchair close and away from the bed is nervewracking, It is much less uncertain than the slide across the shower bench transfer.

I had asked first that they just tile a space and i was told that was too expensive. This too narrow shower is based on someone standing, as it's "inside" is not as wide as the wheel, the wheelchair sits on the what was (prior to amendment) the raised edge of the shower stall.

I will try not to think about this much anymore. This accomplishment frees me from the hostile incompetence
of the Home Health Service. No more being awakened at unexpected timed, nor having to get up earlier than i want to await someone to basically watch me and not clean up. No more paying for that stress and inconsistency.

No if i could only shop, I could free myself from the "homemaking" expense, too. I have hope. I got a letter
that my county legislature is working on it. If there were a car service with a small van of lift fitted SUV,
all would be solved and it would be better than a municiple bus service, but as it now stands, I have nothing....

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