Monday, October 27, 2008

Aide Gone, Activism

My aide was taken away, so now i more than intensely dislike the home health care service. This is the same ...
stupidity that i suffered in Rochester. Just when I settle into some routine or expectancy it is snatched away.

So what is the universe trying to tell me? If all is change, then change my paralysis into mobility again.

And this happens AFTER i see her and so I must make do, go hungry and without food until the new person shows up, because of course it is not on the day-- Monday that I usually had support. Another relationship lost, severed.

So I've written several letters to the editor. In September, CEATS came to my house to assess what I was talking about in terms of getting assistance on a bus. THE BUS HAD NO SEAT BELTS AND ANCIENT TIE-DOWNS. So yes, I can get a bus and take 30 minutes to get to the grocery store-- usually 3 minutes away--- which now i won't do
because it's 40 degrees in October and they said i would have to sit for 20 minutes at the transportation center.

Why is there no on demand transport with all these agencies with lift buses?!!! Why is it Rochester can do it and Corning can't?! Corning is 1/6 the size and has 1/10 the problems and it is sheer negligence that there is no
dial a bus, dial a ride. So how much do i keep fighting this situation and for remediation... if i could walk i would not need their
assistance their neglect could go unheeded. United Way, the Steuben County Legislature, the Mayor, the state
senator, the state assemblyman, the office of the aged, the mayor, our congressman, and our US Senators,
I've written them each in turn and all. No one has fixed this.

And i see the fix. Get either Pathways or Founder's Pavilion to respond to calls-- give them money to extend their insurance to do this or sponsor a vehicle with the local cab company..... Surely a Fortune 200 company town can make this happen. Lord, please help me.

So this is the salt in the wound of not having the lady who knew how to shop effeciently so the 2 hours i had her, more
than the week's groceries could be gotten, I could actually get a bit of help in the house.....sob. I can't shop for myself and have lost someone who could.

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