Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I want to start a nonprofit to provide on-demand paratransit in the Corning, NY area.

From Elmira to Corning to Bath, there is no on-demand, wheelchair accessible transportation. I have contacted every agency from United Way to Pathways, from CEATS to AIM. Elmira offers its residents Dial-A-Ride, which enables assisted transportation for medicaid patients only. For
some jurisdictional reason, First Transit/CEATS (Corning Erwin Area Transportation System) does not offer even this limited possibility in Steuben. CEATS buses--- did not have modern tie downs nor seat belts for wheelchair riders. They have written me that they have fixed this, but the twice that I rode fearing for my safety, was two times too many to endure such laxity.

When I was recovering in Rochester, they had Lift Line buses available 20 hours a day 7 days a week requiring only a 24-hour reservation, and costing the user/rider an average of $1.75.

I've used Steuben Coordinated Transportation, when they let me--- and that is now only available for medical visits. They then wrote asking for contributions saying that the cost of each of my
trips by Steuben Area Rides was $27.50! In other words, the only possible service costs $27.50 to take me from Third Street in Corning to Wegmans, or to Guthrie Clinic. These are rides of under 2 miles.

I had several ideas to fix this sad situation:
1. Fund a vehicle with a lift
1a. have it managed by a taxi service, or by Institute for Human Services or AIM-CIL (Center for independent Living)
2. Fund the insurance rider that would enable Founder's Pavilion make their fleet available to residents by reservation
3. Fund an insurance rider that would enable Pathways to make their fleet available to
residents by reservation.
4. Create a nonprofit to provide the service I seek.

I spoke with a transportation planner who suggested that the organizations named above ( as well a Birnie Trasnportation which operates school buses in our area) are not interested in assisting the
public, and even if funded, would probably balk at the additional responsibility.

I've written, county, state and national representatives as well as every organization named.
I've also called officials and representatives.

I've been cautioned that the reason on demand paratransit doesn't exist is because we are a small area. But it's our very size that makes me think that this is easily accomplished. Even one vehicle($15,000) a driver, two cell phones, computer and dispatcher would make a huge difference where there is none.

As no one is addressing this critical issue.

Hence, these next steps to create the access I require.
Can you help?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

That's the letter i wrote vs. killing myself. A year of not going anywhere--- not even as a baby was i ever so
confined, because even then i know there were weekly trips to Manhattan to be with the grandparents.
Only for my first 6 week was i in one place-- in Mama and Daddy Edwin's top dresser drawer while Hope got help/ instruction on my care. LOL! I can't imagine her not knowing, she was just brilliant --but I was their first grandchild. to not be able to travel or shop oooo this is like prison. i look at the sky and the birds and try not to lose my mind.

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