Sunday, May 24, 2009

Insult to Injury, Salt in the /wound

A year and half of difficulty. One ramp is unnavigable the other barely so. But another agency said it would fix what the first wouldn't. Then to find out that the perfidious supplier, REFUSED to sell the contractor the an additional piece
to fix my ramp..... this is INSANE! and WRONG.

IT took MONTHS to get a THIRD agency to measure and say hey, this doesn't meet ADA standard... which is deep.. it still might have been hard for me and needed adjustment but that it didn't meet GENERAL standards, after months of insults about my inability to do/use it!

Here's the letter I sent. I've lived a year in not enough, not done right. All that is is left is prayer, now... a lottery win, healing... or maybe the better business bureau will help.

Arbor Development selected Pyramid Ramps Inc to install ramps on my home. Neither of the two ramps installed by Pyramid Ramps, Inc. for wheelchair access to my home met ADA standards. This was assessed and confirmed by AIM.

Both were too steep. One was installed half on concrete and half in dirt and began to sink. Both had wood that warped. After months of requests, one ramp was moved to be put on sidewalk, but still was not centered. The other was extended. After months of begging, they were finally bolted/nailed to manage the wild and un-navigable warping that occurred after every rain. Both are still too steep and still don't meet ADA standards.

Another contractor (hired by VESID) attempted to buy a ramp section and install it to make at least one of my two ramps useable. Pyramid Ramps has refused to fill his order and said disparaging things about me.

I have written the Better Business Bureau about this. All I want is easy access to my home. It hurts that it has taken so much energy, time, pain and money to get done what was promised and what should have been done right the first time, nearly two years ago. (Money was spent on eliminating the two-inch step at the terminus of one ramp and evening out the dangerous transition at the other).

Your agency said it could do no more for me. But now through your selection, I am being denied the means to remediate the unhappy situation your supplier selection created.

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