Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So after hustling, calling getting annoyed, rehearsing, writing and rewriting a new work, practicing, rehearsing it, creating a "set", getting a friend to bring my drummer back and forth to me --30 mile drives; the drummer himself, borrowing drums, arranging for sound and photography, shopping for clothes for the gig; researching and calling and finally finding very expensive transportation ($75), crafting and sending bios and pix; creating materials to hand out; printing brochures ----

We can't perform, because the Community Arts Center, removed its ramp and did not replace it. How could a Community Arts Center be considered a COMMUNITY anything and remain inaccessible?!!!


After a year of countless phone calls, numerous letters and battling REFUSAL, the City Manager and someone from the police is coming to meet with me to RE-ASSESS why i want a handicapped parking sign in front of my house so that I might possibly have access to the front of my house. I was refused because "there's plenty of parking" in my neighborhood. Exactly I said, so why does some idiot park right in front of my house, blocking the one bit of concrete that breaks the untraversable grassy median, the one bit directly in front of my house and RAMP, when there is plenty of parking everywhere else, when every house has a driveway or alley access. I don't need to park, I need ACCESS.


After a year and half of battling to get my ramps made accessible, to meet ADA standards, after one agency after another said they couldn't do anything. And then finding an agency to help. And then having the bad ramp company refuse to sell their contractor another ramp section to make at least one of my ramps easy to use..... last week, I looked outside my door and there was a hunk of ramp in my driveway. I tried to reach the contractor and the agency. A long 24 hours later i reached the agency person ( my own counselor having retired and his replacement having fallen ill), my third person in 18 months, said o! i didn't expect it so soon. So you knew it was coming ? I just found out about it yesterday. Sigh. Had i known it was coming, I would have asked that it be left in a more protected place, a less visible place.... why is it that the least skilled at communication or kindness are these folks in Social and Human Services?

I got a letter saying that my turn had come up for weatherization and giving me a very tight deadline ---two weeks-- to get it done. I called immediately. They want me to come in to their office in the county's seat--- about 35 miles away. I can't I said, I'm paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Can't someone bring me? I know no one with a lift in their car and there is no transportation. They want bank records and all sorts of personal information. Can't someone bring it in for you? Well why can't I do it over the phone? Because someone has to come in. But if that person isn't me, why can't i do it over the phone and send you all the information. You exist to help me, or people like me... I mean if I could get up and walk, I wouldn't need your help,I would weatherize my home myself, ( as I had in the past!!!)
but I'm paralyzed and in wheelchair in a Corning, NY which has no paratransit and you know there is no paratransit here......


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