Wednesday, August 25, 2010


so a message is left. my aide won't be here next Monday. Wish she had told me on Monday so that I might have gotten more groceries. They planned to send someone who I thought was horrific and inefficient. It took her two hours to shop from my list that is printed out with pictures, prices, weights, measures and locations and still she left/forgot
critical things and did strange things with quantities like 2 bananas instead of four pounds.... not forgiveable because they provide me with such sustenance and tummy bulk
so i felt hungry for days without my daily banana

My nutrition will suffer, but if I eat every other day and buy one order of Chinese
take out, I will survive for a week without groceries. I am so glad that I found the
dry goats milk online and ordered it. I will ration the fresh/wet for smoothies. I will ration the cocoa and see if i can find it, too, cheaper online. Then i will have goats
milk and cocoa hot chocolate for the cold nights that have already arrived.

they are still working on the house. This is the second week. it hurts to be up after only 5 hours sleep, but try as i might i can't get myself to sleep any earlier -- here is is, 7 pm and i am more awake than i was at 2 p.m.

Still they are very kind and gentle young men who tell me what they are doing who explain the process and i am grateful for my shell to be insulated, filled, buttressed against the cold.

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