Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I have exhausted civic, legislative and human resources pleas. I am anxious and upset. I want to avoid calling an ambulance and going to emergency just because i can't get to the doctor. I have said all this to my physicians who don't make house calls, won't renew my script and don't care.

My neurologist won't renew my scrip because i haven't been to see her in a year. My GP said she won't authorize the med. Where everyone else takes 4 or 5 meds i take this one that is cheap and has no side effects and helps me manage pain.

My next appointment with the neuro is the 21st. I had one with her last month, but couldn't get transport for the appointment. The office offered me an appointment for 10 am on Thursday but that was undoable-- the only possible times are from 10 to 2 for transport so there's no way i could be at the office at 10 and the office offered me no leeway -- like a 10:30.

Can i live for a month without it? Hoping that when the time comes, that i can indeed get a ride to see the neuro on September 21st. The system has changed so while you dare not ask the same week or next day, knowing a month a head of time doesn't guarrantee that when the time comes, you will be given a ride....

perhaps i should call the hospital and say i'm a nonemergency contemplating coming to emergency because my doctor won't give me the care i require. My pain and anxiety are great.

This is all so frustrating, money wastingly, ridiculous.

For the want of a nail-- if i had a treasurer, i could start the non profit and solicit the tax deductible funds to create paratransit. or my city could provide a taxi
or the local store could deliver food anything could make life better and nothing is budging.

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