Sunday, September 26, 2010

Useless Overseer

the useless overseer aka nurse comes tomorrow to offer the veneer of aide. i hate it. i will not be nice this time as it wastes the mere two hours of help i get once a week.
this is ridiculously obscene that i am required to spend time while she asks questions about needs she cannot address.

I only get help once a week for two hours. ohter than that i am left to starve or scramble for myself.

i will tell how furious i am about two weeks without help after the day i not only had a light shopping done, but with 45 minutes to spare, the aide told me she was not allowed to go home early and had to call. When i said yes,call... then the workers
decided to leave.

all this had subsided but the annoyance of seeing or dealing with a nonfriend, non help
form pusher is just unbearable administrivia.

deep breathe.

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