Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dr. Visit Brings Hope

This is the first time in 4 years that I have spoken to a medical professional who understood everything, it seemed.

Let's begin with access: his nursed pushed me along the carpet --- carpet is a shoulder buster and most folks just watch me ache, creep along, and struggle.

His office had a table that i could transfer to. First one I've seen in four years.
He ordered tests no one else has suggested:
bone density
pulmonary function
ultrasound of kidneys
because sitting in a char affects all of these


When i pulled out the STANDER literature he praised me-- yes that was something he envisioned me using to prevent osteo_____ something.

I told him about the Flexiciser, he waited for me to follow him (uber points for that, too, treating me like I am a grown up who can go from point a to b) and showed me something VERY similar, a leg moving machine.

Then show me the heated hydro therapy pool that i could be lowered into--- if i could get transport there, which i can't with regularity SOOOOOOOOO he said our goal is to get me driving and help me transfer into my car....

Why don't all doctors have dentist chair type tables? In that they go low enough for someone from a wheelchair could possibly get on.

He said where we are is backwards and that he had brought that accessible table with him.

I think i love this guy-- who SHOOK MY HAND. which just reminded me how i have not been treated well at all, but maybe this time I can really be on the road to help and healing.

He praised me and celebrated me saying he was delighted to have a patient who was motivated. ME? YES!!!!

He had read my file and knew i was a vegetarian and food conscious and so understood my desire to lose weight was about raising metabolism, NOT telling me about not eating stuff that hasn't touched my lips for 40 years.

I left with 3 appointments already set up for me--- this has NEVER happened before....
my last blood test was at my OWN insistence. I think I've found a REAL DOCTOR.
My bus driver, who I like a lot (but hadn't been getting because his firm declined
medical rides for a time) knew this doctor and also praised him.

All praises for hope and change!


A total instance of answered prayers, because I've said the same things to the same human beings,
so frequently, it's like having a stand up routine. But who listened? No one, really.

This is my fifth year of TM and my third year home and only now did my neurologist refer me to a
physiatrist. The PA and GPs could have.

Last time I had PT in 2008 and as devotedly as I went and adhered to it, I was disappointed. I asked the therapist about other devices and other tools ( a stander, leg machine). My work there was mat work. Because that's all they had for me.

It turns out that was the SATELLITE office for this BIG facility. It makes me want to cry.

This therapist was known to the physiatrist. When I was BEGGING, bringing material,
and explaining what I thought I needed, the therapist and facility said this is all they had. Which was NOT true.

You can't ask the question unless you know the question to ask. I did a good job of
guessing, but in a system based on physician referrals, unless you're wealthy
and can purchase in home care and equipment, you are at the mercy of others whims
( or level of attention).

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mamabanana said...

I hope and pray for you that this is the RIGHT DOCTOR. sure sounds like it. may you heal fast. am sending you long distance reiki.... your friend from pakistan