Monday, September 20, 2010

Pain With No Gain

For the 4th time my aide forgot to get me plastic bags. since i'm in a wheelchair and can't carry things, as my hands are needed to propel me, I need plastic bags to carry
waste, spent cat litter, garbage, to the garbage can.

This time I sent her back to the store to get them. She shops with a printed list with pictures and location of each item, cost and a running total. PLASTIC BAGS was hand written in caps with exclamation points for the past two weeks at the top and bottom of the list.

Sending her back to the store to get the bags, because I have none, now, because though it is the 4th time she forgot, she was gone for two weeks. I had six weeks worth of backup and struggled for the last five days to withstand the sstench of bags I had to stuff and keep around to use.

So essentially I spent another $50 to get a mere $51 worth of groceries because several things I wanted were not in the store.

If there were another service, I would use them, but these folks are the only game in

Give me strength.

Tomorrow i see the doctor who has left me in pain for six weeks by refusing to renew my script until i see her.

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