Saturday, June 17, 2006

Friday Blood

I had called the clinic 3 days in a row as it had been weeks since my last blood draw.
And after the last draw, when my IR levels were low , the nurse had said the doctor wanted to re check me the following week--- that was nearly 3 weeks ago.

For the 3 days i didn't get the nurse, i had left messages. One of these days i got a another nurse who said she didn't know how to transfer my voice message and that i should call back again the following day argh!

anyway the nurse for my doctor and suite said well they had tried to do a blood draw but i wasn't there.

When did they come?
did they tell me they were coming?
did you tell me they were coming?
Can i know when they are coming?

The answer was no they could come any time.....

does this sound at all familiar? Just like the stupid apothecary-- i'm supposed to be available whenever they come.

then the nurse berated me about my cell phone number and how i should change it ( because of my out of area area code) She launched into a lecture, which i totally tuned out. Unless she gave me the phone and paid the bill this was just totally out of bounds. This after
saying she found it hard to get in touch with me. I said not if you use my cell phone number as the cell is always with me , but i am not always by the phone.

Anyway we went round and round. they could not tell me when they were coming, they would not call my cell etc. etc. I had missed them when they came on Wednesday, not that i knew they were
coming when they came, t i was in bed cathetering myself when the bell rang and rang. I got up quicker than i ever had but by the time i got to the buzzer, the person was gone.....

She said they had called ahead, I said no they hadn't. and if they had I would have been ready to answer the door.....( and if they had called ahead and gotten no answer, why would they be there ringing the door)

Anyway she went on and on about what is wrong with your door bell...she said this accusingly 3 times.I didn't answer her at all. In fact i zoned out and feel more about it , recounting the insult
than I did in the moment, because ultimately i still need her to work for me, insulting, abrasive idiot that she is.

Anyway in a fit of pique she said here's their number call them yourself!

I did and spoke to a calm nice woman named Dana. I told her my constraints-- I'm paralyzed and in a wheelchair, i try to work a bit each day, etc... Dana resolved it happily in about 3 minutes!
They would do the blood draw in the a.m. at work.

The blood draw woman called me at 10:30!!! to tell me she would be there at around noon! the exclamation points are because wow! someone called me to tell me when they were coming, ( of course this had not happened before at home... ) and so much for getting there in the a.m.

The blood draw lady, One Shot Shirley said i made her day. She made was a good stick, it was a butterfly and it didn't hurt going in or coming out and the after pain is now gone.... yeah I've had sticks that hurt all day ....

She thanked me for being pleasant. The feeeling was mutual.....

Before me she had seen someone in a "high place" who acted low.
Anyway the nurse called and I lost the call LOL! i was keying something in and on the phone and I fumbled my cell when i went to answer it.....

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