Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday/Proud of Me

I'm proud of me. I am washing my clothes and saving $40 so that i can buy some art materials.
$40 being the 2 hour minimum that I had to pay for the home health care aide.

I am exhausted.

a 90 degree day but here it feels just like the high 70s because there is a great breeze flowing in and around the apartment--- in the bathrrom window and the the bedroom window and the living room window... too bad i can't reach the kitchen window, it would be fab...

I went to the building's rummage sale and bought spoons to make again my mixed media dolls, found a lovely ceramic-framed mirror and a hand-held mirror, a pair of purple pants, a sheer, flocked top, all this for $3.50!

i made two trips to garbage, grateful that after months i found a way to get rid of it myself, though i don't have the advantage of the ambulatory, to use the grabage chute on each floor, i must roll and elevate down to the lobby and roll into the ever wet or obstructed garbage and recycling room, but yes! to keeping the small apartment free of all debris

couldn't reach the token slot for both of the accessible machines down on the 8th floor, the only front loaders in the building...
i even broke a token trying to push the slot in. it popped up as i was pushing and split in two. that left me trembling with fear... as i already had clothes in the machine and baking soda in and had poured the liquid detergent in the detergent slot.... but i got it in the second time

so i had to do one load at a time and remembered from lost time with the home health aides, that the dryer by these accessible washers on the 8th floor, dries slowly, poorly, though the washers are superior.

and so i lucked out.

When one wash was done, i put the other in and brought my clothes back upstairs to dry in the dryer outside the door. Proof of the 12th floor dryer's efficacy-- it dried one big load -- my 5 pairs of black pants and mainly black tops and the things i bought at the rummage sale-- a sheer top and a pair of purple pants-- and partly dried the subsequent load of towels and bedding....

and wow I'm almost done! almost like a good old Saturday, sleep late, clean and destress.

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