Saturday, June 17, 2006

Horrible Highland Apothecary

Your system is hostile to those of us dependent on it for delivery
1. I am not informed when a prescription may be delivered
2. Once attempted, if delivery fails , it will not be re-attempted

In my case I was not informed delivery was attempted.
No card was left.
I was told that the driver was unable to leave notice.
This is ludicrous and crazy.
I live in an apartment building, an edifice that has surfaces on which anything might be affixed, or a note left.

3. So un-notified I could not know that delivery was attempted and request that it be re-attempted.

I called LAST WEEKEND expecting my refill on MONDAY!

Today is Friday and I am out of my drugs.

I was asked if I had someone to pick up my drugs.
I found this just short of insulting.

If I were not PARALYZED and had had someone to pick up my drugs, I would have done so, days ago.

I had to enegage PDQ last month as I was out of wafarin and faced the intansigence of your hostile system.

Will I be reimbursed? -- nope.
Will I ever get my drugs in a timely manner?
How far in advance do I have to ask in order to be able to get them?

Can you fix this?
I want to be able to have my drugs delivered without paying additional emotional and monetary fees.

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