Monday, May 19, 2008

Going to the doctor at long last

I went to the doctor all by myself.
this is what i thought it would be like.
A bus like Liftline came
there was one other person on it.
Getting on a bus at my own house was like heaven.
I am in tears of gratitude relief and joy.

The bus driver was familiar.She used to work at the Radisson,
had a hip replacement. We bonded over
emptying IRAs to help ourselves through our
health crisis, getting help from
grants and friends and NOT getting
medicaid. She see people working the system on her
bus and how she no lives for today because the
hip replacement ordeal opened her eyes.
She tugged me on and off the grass and waited for me to get up the ramp
before pulling off.

and i met one month old
the latest grandchild of L and L had a stroke while i was gone
and suddenly has white hair
he'll mow for $25 as often as it needs it though
he wants to raise his rates to $27 i said cut me a break and please please
don't mow my flowers i know you hate flowers and he said
no i don't, look at all my hostas and laughed
saying L those are mainly about big green leave
and he and his daughter asked me what i had and THEY had heard of
it S a couple of blocks away had it
and his daughter pronounced that i would walk again
and this is how i remembered home
the apple tree in bloom and my flowers
and L will mow and promised promised
that he would not mow down my flowers

I have high blood press 162 over 90 and the doctor wants
me to take pills and i said no what else can i do
and she said workout with 5 pound weights and she commended me for using the

I have a referral for a neuro, a mammogram and a colonoscopy...
which i dread because they give you something to empty out your bowels
and that will mess with my routine... or worse, I'll just be a mess....

The doctor did not have or refer to my records
she was wierd as always though i tried to chat her up

The LPN said they couldn't do a papsmear as they have wheelchair accessible rooms
that is with the low tables.... and this Clinic is the size of a small hospital
and spacious so this to me is a travesty but i had one last year this time
so i won't bug about it till Fall.

I am so happy to have gone out all by myself and have come home
all by myself, my first time and the kitties celebrated with me.

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