Monday, May 19, 2008

Sad Affirmations

The SCAP lady returned on Friday with another crew-- Goldstar to screw down the boards on the ramps, as they are warping (visibly rising and curling after every rain)

I took her to task about the ramp guy and Shiela-- how could she approve things that weren't even in spec? Well John the ramp guy approved it That's like having the fox guard the hen house. I exclaimed!!! Well is he had to redo them, then it wasn't to his benefit. Sure it was I said, because according to you, no one else ever complained.

She wondered why. I said only stuff that wasn't even me kept me going, because the process wore me down and was painful. And this was all new to me. Each year gets harder so if i had been used
to being denied, it might be different.

Like her saying how the amendment was because it was "uncomfortable" and come to find out it didn't EVEN meet ADA standards.... so it wasn't about my comfort... it was out of spec!

The guys tried to take the seat that i said i didn't want, out of the shower. I showed them how i couldn't even fit in the shower with my wheelchair, because i had to pop over the lip and back in.

I refused to let them bust a hole in my wall to do it, i said get a saw and just cut the metal
i no longer care if it's not reusable---

and i got to say to the SCAP lady.... i told her ( the idiot sheila who insisted on the useless chair)
that i didn't want it and not to put one in... now we can't get it out....!
She said i know i know.

Anyway the Godlstar guy said that the shower was WRONGGG!!!!!
shit piss and corruption, of course i have a problem entering it, it shouldn't have the lip on it and yes it
down slope down (vs up like the bathtub) so sure i would have trouble getting in it.

I was glad the scap lady was there to hear him say it was the wrong kind of shower. though it has cost me tons of money and more, all my self sufficiency.

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