Thursday, May 01, 2008

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I must start back at the joy, without remembering the joy, I would dismember my soul. Ha! I have already lost the use of limbs, I must cauterize the psychic wound of having to be at the mercy of meanness and idiocy, I enjoyed the mercy and kindness of strangers and must dwell in the grateful place to help me through the incredible pain of present disappointment

Dear Friends and Family,

Getting back home was quite an adventure through a snow storm!
And getting back online was another -- a 4 hour installation, New lines to be strung, holes to be drilled.

But at last I am here again, in my reimagined abode. I am blessed
with light, no matter the brightness of the day. I forgot that my house is pierced and nearly translucent -- 13 windows on this floor and the back door is half window and the front door has a long attenuated oval of clear glass.

This is a clear, energetic space.

My kitchen is a singular delight with a wonderful double sink (missed this!)
gas stove top and tons of counter space. I had forgotten how much storage I had, because having lost most of one wall of it,the remaining cabinets are plentiful and lovely. I glide across the gorgeous
wooden floor with the greatest of ease.I am affirmed in my choices: the slate/stone vinyl in bathroom and kitchen is neutral as I wanted it to be. My funky old mudroom entry at the back is spacious . I smile remembering squeezing by the lawn mower (and chipper and weed eater,etc. LOL!). There is a wide landing at the back.

There are surprises outside: my beloved catalpa that I planted is truly young tree now and larger than the city's maple (planted in 2005). I see thorned canes that suggest a rose against a window - how did it get next to the house? And at the front big window there is an alien woody something - I remember fighting it and now its woody limbs assert themselves, but not for long.

Niles has re-realized his large-pawed big furred-ness. He jumped off the ramp into the snow.
No way for me to chase him anymore, I came inside and locked the door.
Five minutes later I heard a knock at the door. It was him! New behavior, happy exploration. Obi
leaps again in the air, runs and slides. They kept home those lonely months without me and now we are back and together.

I am so grateful to be returned!!!

Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU for your support in enabling me to survive that hell.
I will write more and individually, as soon as i wade through the
3745 e-mails that accumulated while I waited for reconnection.

Peace, joy and love to you all.

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