Thursday, May 01, 2008

Worse Than EVER

BUT, the great undoer.

I had to be lifted over a 2.5 inch step to enter my house.
My ramps at the front and back were both too steep for me to try alone.
I had been told that it only appeared that way in the pictures.
They both were too step in that NEITHER met ADA standards.

And inside, I could not get off my shower char... the slope downward in the shower
just enough for me to be unable to managage alone.

So back in my accessible home, I have new inaccessibilities and now
require help where I had not had and did not need any for two years....

It's been MONTHS of calls, cajolings, administrivia and the
salt in the wound of woundedness occurred today.

I called to double check on my transport for the doctor's tomorrow,
even though they told me to call the morning of, I hate to leave things until the last moment.

I chatted about the time... the doctor's appointment is for 11:15
and would the van be here at 10:30 later, sooner?

The doctor's office is over the bridge, across from the Museum,
5 minutes away.

They put me on hold then a woman came on and told me
that a mistake had been made, they don't do Dial a Ride in

Now this is after a dozen phone calls to find them, call again to get the forms,
send in the forms, ascertain whether the forms where received, check on the progress
of the status of being certified, assuring that I was certified. making the reservation....

I started this process before even making the doctor's appointment and
the doctor's appoint was made the first week in March for May 2.

I had been annoyed that it was 8 dollars each way, regardless of distance,
now there are no door to door options for me.

The idiot apologized but i was apoplectic.

How how how how and then knowing she made this error why couldn't she
just provide me my ride to the doctor?

She could do a route deviation which will cost me $3--- my
barrier is that I still can't get in and out my house alone!!!!!

They are coming tomorrow to bolt down the warping boards but will not
extend the too steep front and won't fix the still hard to get off back ramp.

Anyway a million phone calls later, my aide has switched her time
and will be here to help me on the bus and I pray I'll be able to figure out a way to get back in the
I'm very depressed and tired of arguing, calling and this kind of crass moronic incompetence
and cruelty.

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